5 Industries that Benefit from Outsourced Outbound Calling Services

outbound calling employeesHow much could your company grow if it had additional, skilled outbound calling assistance? That can be a frustrating question if you don’t have the budget for a large in-house sales team. This is the moment to consider outsourced sales services. Several industries have an especially high need for outbound sales calling services — and a higher potential for business survival and growth from proactive sales prospecting. If your company operates in one of these sectors and relies heavily on outbound calling, consider sales outsourcing to enlarge your sales force and sell to more high-quality leads without breaking your budget.

1) Finance

Financial planners and banks have taken a big reputation hit over the past several years, which makes generating leads more challenging, yet more necessary than ever. A focused, outsourced team helps financial-sector businesses survive and thrive as the economy picks up. When generating leads in the financial services industry, strict Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and SEC regulations are specific about what can be promised to prospects. An experienced outsourcing firm that represents your company takes some pressure off in-house reps and allows them to close deals with prospects who have already cleared those hurdles.

2) Energy

Alternative energy sources have gained great public awareness over the past few years, due to climate change and greater worldwide government attention to finding solutions. Now, there is room for new energy businesses to carve out a place for themselves in solar energy, geothermal and much more. Qualifying leads for these products and services, however, may be outside the core skill set of energy firms staffed mainly with engineers and scientists. A quality outsourced sales team that’s properly trained in traditional and/or alternative energy products and service helps bring in valuable new leads since that is what they’re solely focused on.

3) Utilities

There has never been more regulatory oversight on utilities, and today's market conditions are far from certain. Green-energy-only providers are creating a shift in the marketplace. This means that companies in other sectors of the industry need increased concentration on proactive sales outreach, lead nurturing and also customer retention through superior customer care. The cost-effective solution: hiring experienced call center sales teams that are focused on generating qualified leads and improving communication with existing customers.

4) Healthcare

Doctors, hospitals, non-profit medical clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies and other health sector businesses have seen their business models change dramatically with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. Most healthcare businesses need to reach new audiences to sell their products and services these days. A highly-motivated and well-managed call center team helps them shift to a new set of leads  — and sift through the sea of new prospects to find those that are ready to convert. In-house sales staff need only get involved when they’re truly demanded for closing, saving healthcare companies time and money.

5) Technology

New, disruptive business ideas are emerging consistently these days — especially in technology. Promising new companies are being funded, but that's only the start of the battle. Fresh, new competition can pop up seemingly overnight. Most startups won't get that next round of investment needed to survive, unless they can quickly find traction in their market. Lean startups typically don't have a large sales staff, however. Knowledgeable outbound call center reps expand technology sales staff in this critical area, ensuring continued growth and preventing tech companies from being eclipsed by new players.

These Industries Know the Value of Their Sales Staff

When it comes to generating qualified leads, these industries know that relying on an outsourced outbound calling center is their golden ticket to giving their in-house reps the right prospects so they can close deals and drive revenue. Businesses that require a skilled and highly-motivated sales staff but can’t afford to hire a large volume in-house sales reps understand that outsourcing is their best bet — and it’s working for them.

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