5 Reasons Why Top Brands Outsource Their Contact Center

outsourced-contact-center-1Are you and your team drowning in phone calls? That can be a good problem to have. It may mean that more people are buying and using your solution. However, it creates some serious issues. Fielding all those phone calls costs money and time. You have to pay staff, equip them with phones and computers, and take the time to train them. That's a lot of resources to commit to something that doesn't add to your bottom line.

Many of the world's top brands have found that the most effective way to provide top-notch service is through an outsourced contact center. And with more and more contact centers returning to onshore locations, you can outsource your customer service to nearly any city in the US.

Outsourcing a contact center can help you save money, but that's not the only benefit. Here are five reasons why some of the world's top brands outsource their call center operations:

1. Cost.

The cost savings are usually by far the biggest benefit of outsourcing your call center. When you aren’t managing customer service in-house you cut down on all kinds of overhead expense—from salaries and benefits to rental space.

2. Training.

Customer service is an art unto itself. It may look like an easy job, but maintaining a polite and professional demeanor for hours on end during sometimes difficult phone calls can be challenging. It takes a qualified competent person to do that job, but it takes an even more skilled person to train people to do that job.

Your core business probably isn't telephone customer service. Although you probably have training staff in-house, customer service may not be their competency.

When you hire an outsourced call center, you're not only getting their employees, but also their tried-and-true training process. They're experts on telephone customer service and they can put that knowledge and experience to work on behalf of your brand.

3. Flexible Hours.

The world moves too fast for you to miss a phone call just because your store or business office is closed. If a customer needs your assistance and they can't get someone on the phone, they're likely to simply get online and contact one of your competitors.

Outsourced call centers are usually open at all hours. You can even have multiple call centers in multiple time zones to make your company available 24/7. In this globalized world in which you may have customers using your solution at all hours, there's no excuse for not being available.

4. Diverse set of languages.

Again, you probably have a global (or, at the very least, national) set of customers and prospects who are most comfortable speaking a language not your own. It's tough to sufficiently service them if you only have employees that speak English. Most outsourced call centers have workers that speak a variety of languages.

If you know that you have a large presence among, say, French speakers, then you could specifically outsource to a center with French-speaking employees. Many outsourcing companies have centers in several different countries, so you can choose the ones that work best for you.

5. Business continuity.

Have you considered what might happen to your business if your call center went radio silent? What if a natural disaster or some other unexpected event knocked out your businesses communication capabilities. What if days went by with communication between you and your customers?

This isn't hyperbole. Every year hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires damage businesses. With an outsourced call center, you would reduce your risk by diversifying your geographical footprint. Even if your headquarters is out of commission, you could still communicate your message through your call center.

Outsourcing your call center may seem like a purely financial decision. However, it can also improve customer service and make your business more stable. Talk to an outsourcing company about how it can benefit your business.

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