A Motivated Workforce Leads to Better Call Center Services

Teamwork makes an outsourced partnership succeed.Customer satisfaction is the fruit of a successful outsourced partnership, but keeping customers happy takes more than strategy.

Exemplary service takes dedication and motivation.

A partnership is only as strong as its team members, and good partnerships are made up of individuals who are motivated to make collaboration succeed. Only motivated agents can provide call center services that satisfy customers. Indifferent agents make callers feel as though their concerns are unimportant to your company— a perception which can affect your bottom line.

However, it is impossible to force motivation.

At RDI, we have found that agents are motivated to provide a positive customer experience when they work in an environment that is conducive to good performance. There are three areas of operation that call centers must address in order to create this kind of environment.

Staff motivation can be achieved by having an atmosphere that promotes workplace satisfaction, offering ongoing training to provide the right tools and techniques, and setting realistic targets that agents believe can be achieved.


An upbeat and affirmative atmosphere drives agents to excel. Call centers can create this kind of atmosphere by listening to their agents.

What are they saying about their surroundings?

An uninviting office can sap energy and lower morale. Agents work best in a space that is bright, clean, and properly supplied.

How do agents feel about management?

A team won’t be motivated to provide a top-tier call center services when they don’t feel valued. Agents tend to treat callers with the same kind of attitude that they are treated with by their superiors. Therefore, management must encourage staff by celebrating their successes, offering assistance where it is necessary, and provide constructive feedback.

A happy work force creates happy customers.

While cleanliness and positive reinforcement are critical in keeping agents happy, stimulating surroundings can be ineffectual if agents are immersed in a stifling working culture.

Our call center operations foster a working culture that is unparalleled in the industry. We embrace the creativity and unique personalities of our agents, encouraging them to develop a personal approach to customer service. An agent who takes ownership of their service is motivated to excel.


One area, key to providing motivation in the call center, is providing absolute clarity in defining what success looks like in any given project. If no goals are set, agents won’t know what they should be working towards and may gravitate toward doing the bare minimum as it provides some sense of accomplishment when these easy goals are achieved.

In addition to being clearly defined, project goals must strike a balance between challenging and obtainable. Easy goals can provide temporary motivation that quickly fizzles while impossible targets can be thoroughly demoralizing.


Regular, effective and relevant training does not just ensure that callers are always connected to knowledgeable agents. It is also a great motivator for staff.

Agents perform properly and consistently when they have the tools to do so. Training is an essential part of this, keeping skills up-to-date and allowing agents to focus on the job at hand.

Agents who have received quality training can provide quality service. Ongoing training ensures that agents are able to utilize all the latest tools and techniques, and it helps motivate them to stick with what they have learned before.

Rapport, which is crucial to maintaining a happy workforce, is built when a call center continues to invest in the professional development of its agents.

Following a period of intensive training, which focuses on personal development and building essential communication skills, each new agent at RDI is assigned to a project team to begin a course of instruction that continues throughout the project.

In a series of one-on-one sessions, focus groups, and formal classes, team members receive additional training that keeps them up to date on techniques, technologies, and the call center service goals of our partners.

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