Developing an Outbound Calling Script that Finds Customers' Pain Points

customer-pain-pointsIn outbound sales, getting to the point immediately is crucial. This helps you grab and hold a prospect’s attention, giving you a sales opportunity rather than being hung up on or disregarded. Getting to the meat of the call quickly also helps maximize staff productivity since reps can quickly move on to more fertile ground if the current call is not a quality lead. Avoiding wasted time on unproductive cold calls will boost outbound calling sales reps’ morale and increase your sales. Here's how you can cut to the chase.

Cold Calling Key to Entry: Make Prospects Feel the Pain...

Then you can swoop in to solve it! You can't make cold call sales by simply giving details about your product or service to the prospective customer. That's a turnoff, even though it gets you to the point of your call quickly. Successful sales calls need a shortcut to establish rapport and understanding between sales rep and client. In order to accomplish that, you want the client to bring up (and thereby re-experience and validate) their biggest problems. This makes them receptive to the solution you’ll present to them after they identify their pain points.

But what’s your solution to quickly learning your prospects’ problems? You need a sharp sales script for cold calling.

Creating Sales Scripts that Dive Deep — Quickly!

Here are some guidelines to find a prospect’s pain points fast and set up the call for your solution:

  • Start your cold call script with: "Your business is unique in the healthcare industry (for example) — but many of our clients experience (problems X, Y and Z). Do any of these sound familiar to you?" Now the prospect can confide in you in their own words and vividly feel the pain.

  • Play psychologist: Say, "Tell me more about (problem X)" to show interest, encourage sharing and get examples to dig into.

  • Get curious: Ask, "Why do you think this is happening to you/your company?" Your question spurs more thought, dwelling on the potentially disastrous situation the client is experiencing. You'll also learn what other solutions they've tried, which sets you up to highlight your differentiators and show the superiority of your solution.

  • Focus thinking on waste of time/resources/money: Inquire, "How long does that (function or process) usually take you?" so you can later point out that your product or service offers savings in any or all of those areas.

  • Focus on longevity: Ask, "How long has this issue been a problem?" Like other questions, this can induce your client to realize just how long they have been avoiding the problem or letting it hamper their business. They won't want to ignore it any longer!

  • Induce worry over competitors: To make prospects consider where they stand in regards to their competition, ask them, “How would Company X take advantage of that?" or "If Company X provides faster or better (insert your service here), what effect would it have on your company's future?"

  • Reveal the scary future: Get the client to focus on the disastrous consequences of not addressing their problems by proposing something like, "What would happen if (problem x) continued to keep your company from growing..."

  • Reveal inadequacy or inaction: Asking "What solutions have you tried?" or "What have you done about it?" increases anxiety and spurs your prospect to action. This is when you can bring in your solution and express the value of your company’s product or service.

Increase Your Outbound Calling Success

Use these questions to revamp your current cold calling scripts. Getting prospects to focus on their most urgent pain points, along with the negative consequences of not solving their problems, will position your company as the lifesaving solution. You'll be surprised at how this quick route to consultative selling will improve your productivity, making sales calls easier for reps and much more effective.

If you don't have the time or resources to rework your outbound calling script or roll out something new on such a large scale, consider using an outsourced sales call center that already has these capabilities. Let a qualified sales outsourcer provide your shortcut to cold call success.


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