How AI Can Evaluate Employee Speech Patterns to Boost Call Center Productivity

Employee evaluations will be improved by artificial intelligence, which can measure tone, keywords, employee engagement, and more. This will improve your training and staffing issues.

How many calls does each of your call center employees take and make a day? Dozens? Even a very conservative 5 per hour comes out to 40 calls a day. That volume doesn’t even take into account new realms of customer care, such as social media or instant messenger chats. There is, literally, no way to monitor and evaluate all of it. You’d have to have a full-time team with the exact same number of employees to get information on every single interaction.  

Or, you could use artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence systems will revolutionize call centers by their ability not just to monitor interactions, but to actually judge them fairly and accurately. The systems will be able to perform both qualitative and quantitative evaluations, using keyword analysis and emotional intelligence to gauge the efficacy of every call, every chat, and every interaction. 

In doing so, you’ll be able to have a more clear metric of success. This will allow you to provide training where it is needed by giving you the tools to evaluate employee strengths and weaknesses. Listening to random calls might not give you the big picture, and might cause you to spend money in the wrong place, let go of decent employees who just need a little help, or make poor hiring decisions. Artificial intelligence, in short, makes you more intelligent.

The Benefits of Artificially Intelligent Staffing Solutions

What do we more intelligent staffing solutions? Well, think of it like this: imagine that you come into work on a bad day. You spilled your coffee, your kid was sick, and you got pulled over on the way to work. Not only that, but you had a meeting with a particularly difficult client first thing in the morning...and that meeting was what you’d be judged by for your evaluation. 

In a sense, that’s what happens with call centers. There’s just no way for one person to go through all the data, so it is random. And that can be unfair, one way or the other. And it is imperative for call centers to get staffing right, to reduce turnover. 

It’s estimated that the cost of hiring and training a frontline employee for a call center is $15,000, and about $12,000 for a non-frontline or management employee. So that means that understanding an employee’s weaknesses and training them in a specific way is a way to save money and reduce costly turnover. AI gives you the ability to do just that.

What AI Measures in an Employee

We talked above about how you could evaluate every interaction if you had a 1:1 ration of call center workers and evaluators. But that doesn’t seem cost-efficient. But AI can do exactly that, by measuring a few key factors in employee/customer interactions. Not all of this is available now, as it is different level of intelligence, but it is the direction the technology is heading in.

  • Keywords. What are some important words or phrases that you want to use to promote a product or upsell? What information is valuable for you to get out? What are some words or phrases you want to use to handle certain situations. There are a million degrees of difference between “I apologize for the inconvenience” and “we’re sorry about that.” Which one do you want your employees to say? AI can pick out if your employees are using the right words and phrases in any interaction, whether on the phone or on Twitter.
  • Staying on script. We’ve talked quite a bit on how employees need to have the training and the emotional intelligence to understand unique problems or responses that don’t perfectly fit a script. But there is also the need to stay on it in many occasions. AI can judge just how far an employee is veering. By evaluating millions of interactions, it can learn to differentiate between some stylistic adjustments to aid in the individual interactions and going completely off-course.
  • Tone. AI is increasingly able to evaluate emotions through tone analysis. Is your employee perky and cheerful, or droning on in a dull monotone? Are they emphasizing the right parts or underselling it? (Think of how insincere a “we’d love to help you out today” is if said without any inflection.) Sophisticated algorithms can detect patterns, too. After all, everyone is going to have a bad call or a bad day. There won’t be sirens clanging if someone’s “Have a great day!” isn’t sufficiently emphatic. But over time, it can detect if an otherwise great employee has problems delivering the material in the right way. And you can work to fix that.
  • Interactions. It isn’t just evaluating employees in a vacuum. After all, employees have to interact with individuals who have different needs, and the best employees modulate themselves to fit the flow. AI will also be able to understand how a customer is acting to better evaluate an interaction.

 And that’s the point of AI. At its best, there is nothing grim or mechanistic about it. It might be based on algorithms, but those algorithms are sophisticated enough to create insight into how human behave.

 That insight could be an enormous benefit to your company, especially if you are partnered with a 3rd-party call center that uses industry-best training and cutting-edge technology to perfect your call center approach. It’s how AI can save you money and improve, not replace, your employees. There is nothing artificial about its benefits.



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