Our 6 Best Blog Posts on Productively Working with an Outsourced Contact Center

handshake-partnerA lot of companies have misconceptions when it comes to partnering with an outsourced contact center. They may think the sales staff isn’t quite qualified, or they might not trust the reps to meet their monthly goals; whatever the case, it’s first important to know how the relationship can work, as well as how it can benefit your business. We compiled our top six blog posts about working with a contact center to give you a better idea of how the relationship can help you grow your business and build the customer base you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Top 6 Blog Posts on Partnering with a Contact Center

Partnering with a contact center for your outbound calling needs can help give your business the boost it takes to edge past your competition. Here are some of our favorite posts that can give you the insight you need:

  1. Working With an Outbound Contact Center: They Bait, You Reel It In. By outsourcing your outbound calling, their sales staff handles the cold calling and appointment setting so that your internal team can focus on generating revenue by closing the sales. Using an outsourced contact center allows you to not only utilize your internal resources more effectively, but also frees you up from the burden of managing a sales staff that handles making initial contact. What’s more, the outsourced team already has its own facilities and equipment — reducing your overhead — and is available to call potential leads during any time of day, not just during normal business hours.

  2. 4 Characteristics of a Readily-Deployable, Outsourced Inside Sales Team. This post highlights several benefits of bringing an outsourced sales team to the forefront of your sales efforts. Doing so can be particularly helpful to keep up with demand during peak times of the year. Having been trained on the latest systems that help generate leads and track sales, outsourced contact center team members are technologically savvy. These individuals — and their managers — are also highly motivated to reach their sales numbers for your company, since their success depends on your success. Contact center team members are highly experienced in a wide range of industries, and are ready to use that experience to drive leads for your company.

  3. 3 Misconceptions About Outsourced Contact Centers. Low-quality contact centers have a way of giving all contact centers a bad name. We explain how a quality outsourced contact center can give your company the business you’re looking for. In fact, contact centers can give your company the same level of quality that your internal team delivers — they’re an extension of your own team. Learn how outsourcing your outbound calling will not only save you money, but can make you money in the long term.

  4. 5 Industries that Benefit From Outsourced Outbound Calling Services. This post reviews the industries that can particularly benefit from partnering with an outsourced contact center. These industries usually have a high need for outbound sales calling, as well as a higher potential for business survival and growth from proactive sales prospecting. If you are in the finance, energy, utilities, healthcare or technology fields, learn about how using an outsourced contact center for your outbound calling needs can help grow your business.

  5. Struggling to Get New Leads? Consider Staff Augmentation. This post explores how using an outsourced contact center for your cold calling and lead generation can help to increase your ROI. In order to grow your business, you need new customers; partnering with an outsourced contact center can help you garner promising leads more quickly. Use contact center staff members to turn cold calls into warm leads, and then deliver that data to your internal sales team to close the deals.

  6. 3 Reasons Outbound Calling Services Can Benefit Your Enterprise. This post shows how working with an outsourced contact center can help to grow your business. While outsourcing your outbound calling does cost you some money upfront, the increased sales down the road will more than cover these expenses. Contact center staff members are expertly trained and experienced in capturing fresh leads, so let them do the cold calling for you.

Partner With an Outsourced Contact Center For Increased ROI

As you’ll see in the blog posts above, securing the services of a contact center can benefit your business in many ways, especially when it comes to building a partnership. Doing so will free up your internal sales team to pursue the most promising leads, as well as increase your revenue over time. Consider partnering with a contact center to begin reaping these benefits today.

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