Struggling to Get New Leads? Consider Staff Augmentation

staff_augmentationObtaining new leads is one half of the sales battle. After all, your business can’t grow if you can’t draw in new customers. While plenty of salespeople are skilled when it comes to converting interested targets into paying customers, pinpointing initial leads is quite challenging. What’s even more challenging is uncovering leads that are qualified, which often results in an abundance of time wasted making cold calls. And, attempting to secure leads with a cold calling approach is something that even the most persuasive salesperson struggles with. This conundrum is the primary motivation for the increased reliance on staff augmentation. When it comes to cold calling and lead generation, outsourced outbound calling centers are experts you can turn to get the ROI you’re looking for. They’re not only solely dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of your leads, but they are good at it.

The Importance of High-Quality Leads Cannot Be Understated

The difficulty of cold calling starts with the fact that most leads aren’t qualified. It's hard to convert an unqualified lead into an interested customer and then further convince the prospect to actually pay for a product or service. When you provide your sales staff with a list of interested leads, or at least leads who are likely to have a use for the product, you ameliorate the challenge of outbound calling. Although you should make every effort to not put your sales staff in such a position, your company may not have the resources necessary to give your outbound sales staff the qualified leads they need for productive sales. This is where an outsourced call center can help — they have the resources to make sure their sales team can give your company the leads you’re looking for.

Why Staff Augmentation Works so Well

Relying on an outbound calling center to generate quality leads is becoming more commonplace as time progresses. Sales managers are quickly learning that their internal salespeople detest cold calling and would prefer to work with solid leads that have already been generated. This is precisely the magic of staff augmentation. It gives you access to prospecting specialists to make initial cold calls without busting your budget. Those who staff these specialized outbound calling centers are skilled in making the first point of contact and transitioning that conversation into a quality lead. They'll take the pressure off of your in-house sales representatives so that they can focus on more pressing matters, such as closing sales, and tasks that they actually have a passion for. Outsourcing this challenging work to outbound specialists who thrive in the cold calling niche is a much better use of your company's resources.

Sales efficiency is centered on specialization and letting employees thrive at what they do best. Even if you are skeptical about outsourcing cold calls to another office, it is worth trying for at least a short trial period. Once you see how these experienced agents handle the prospecting process, you'll likely be motivated to maintain the relationship. You'll find that your outsourced cold calling specialists generate a substantial number of high-quality leads that set the table for your internal salespeople to turn into paying customers.

Staff Augmentation Could be the Missing Piece to Your Sales Puzzle

Outsourcing your outbound calling to prospecting experts is a decision that you and your salespeople will come to relish. Don't discount the fact that relieving your salespeople from the burden of outbound cold calling will significantly boost morale. Your in-house staff will be able to spend more time and effort doing what they do best instead of pursuing cold prospects. They'll be ecstatic when presented with qualified leads that have been vetted by your outbound calling partners. Outsourcing is absolutely worth the expense, and it’s easy to maintain a productive relationship with an outsourced team. Give it a chance, and you'll likely find that your business reaps the benefits.

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