The Constant Coach: How AI Can Pass Key Real-Time Customer Insights to Call Center Reps


Artifical Intelligence can provide real-time insights on customer behavior and history, helping your call center reps. It's like a coach that is always there. 

One of the debates that will be coming up soon in the world of sports is how to handle prosthetic/robotic enhancements. What will be legal, and what will be considered cheating, or beyond the realms of competitions? And while that is interesting, I’m also curious about artificial intelligence and coaching: if a coach has a superfast computer that can instantly analyze a situation and design the perfect play to emphasize one team’s strength and their opponent’s weakness, is that fair? Is that even fun to watch? 

I don’t have answers to this. What I do know is that AI is coming more and more into play in every field, including customer service and call centers. It is able to analyze incredible amounts of information instantly and synthesize that into a decision-making framework that both mimics augments human intelligence. AI is capable of “learning”, and of advocating situation-specific courses of action. It’s like an incredible coach.

That’s where call centers and AI fully interact. We know that chatbots can do passable imitations of humans (and we’ll talk about them next week), but that isn’t the heart of AI and call centers. What AI can do is incorporate Big Data analysis into any given customer interaction and provide real-time feedback to the representative.

In doing so, it can help guide every point of contact toward a successful resolution. AI will improve the performance of your representatives by helping them understand exactly what is happening, providing key customer insight, business acumen, and data-driven decision making. Unlike in sports, this doesn’t contort competition. But using it will help you best your competitors.

What AI Can Provide in Real-Time

There is nothing more valuable than an experience call-center supervisor, someone who knows the ropes, who has seen everything before, and who can skillfully handle nearly any given situation. Those are the kind of supervisors you expect when you partner with a third-party call center team, and that’s the kind you’ll get. The only problem is that they can’t be on every call at once, and can’t really be “on” any given call.

Think about it: your supervisor, for the most part, can’t be sitting on the call, whispering or typing advice while it is going on. There are a few situations where that might be possible, but it obviously isn’t sustainable, and clearly can’t be universal.

But an AI algorithm can be. It can be on every call, listening and actually comprehending, in a real way, what is happening. It isn’t just listening for keywords (although it does that as part of performance review): the AI can actually judge how a call is going and ascertain what it takes to make it go better.

Here are some things that the AI uses to make judgements.

  • Customer history. When a call center representative makes or receives a call, they get information on their screen about the customer or client. That’s standard, and is very helpful. But they, of course, can’t take all the data and all the information and synthesize it. That’s literally inhuman. But AI can. The algorithm can look at items like complaint history, how long they took to become a customer, what else they purchased, even the sales representative with whom they worked to create a picture of the customer, measure that against similar patterns, and offer advice on how to best handle any situation.
  • Integrated voice recognition. Just like it did with employee speech patterns, AI can understand if a customer’s speech is demonstrating frustration, confusion, hesitation, and more. Your employee can do that. But the AI can do that while integrating the above information to understand exactly what is happening. If there was a note somewhere in the file that said “customer upset when interrupted”, the AI knows that, and can tell your employee if he or she is doing something wrong.
  • Social media monitoring. Imagine, somewhere in the wilds of the social media world, there starts to be a pattern of complaints about or issues with your product or service. You might not really be able to pick it up. You might not notice it. But your AI, which can scour social media relentlessly, can. And they can understand and anticipate customers who might have similar complaints, preparing your CSR team for them, giving them the info they need to answer an issue.
  • Shopping patterns. This is down the road, and probably dependent upon regulations, but your AI might also be able to look at shopping or other consumer information to understand a customer’s needs and wants, and use that to encourage (or discourage) specific upsells. 

And all this information will be distributed immediately on their screen. It can guide, make suggestions, and coach. It’s will be the best way to get a leg up on the competition, once its power is fully realized (and AI is already being used). That’s why it is important to look for a call center partner that understands the role of technology, and how to integrate it with a well-trained and professional staff.

AI is going to bring up a lot of ethical and moral questions over the next generation. But using it to help your call center staff is neither ethically nor morally questionable. It makes their lives easier. It makes the customer experience better. It’s just common sense. It’s just normal intelligence.


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