The Simple Guide to Managing Outsourced Sales Relationships

call-center-salesOutsourcing is no longer a dirty word in the world of business —especially when you partner with other American businesses. In fact, it’s standard practice in many companies because it serves as a way to help them meet or exceed their operational goals. It also streamlines efficiency and simplifies processes in the workplace. And when you outsource inside sales, keeping the relationship with the team on track is key to getting optimum results.

Communicate clearly.

Your outsourced sales force may be adept at generating leads and closing deals, but they may not be so great at reading minds. Succinct communication is the backbone of keeping this type of relationship on solid footing. When you can communicate effectively, it helps clarify goals so you and your team can remain on the same page when it comes to doing business. Remember, communication is a two way process. When you are speaking with your outsourced sales force, make certain you are not only being heard, but that you are listening to any questions and suggestions that your team may have.

Make your brand clear.

Even though an outsourced sales team is not part of your in-house workforce, they are still an extension of your brand. Since they are the ones charged with selling your products, they are acting on your company's behalf every time they come into contact with your customers. Outsourced workers should have a clear understanding of your brand identity, what sets you apart from the rest, so they can represent it properly.

Keep in mind that even though you trust someone else with certain aspects of your business, you're still on the hook for the promises and claims they make to your customers. When partners understand your brand, it goes a long way in heading problems off at the pass and leading the outsourced workers in a direction that ensures your company’s culture is preserved.

Keep integrity front and center.

If you’re a stand-up person and wouldn’t compromise the integrity of your business with sketchy practices, don’t allow your outsourced workers to do it either. When things go awry, customers are going to blame you– not the company you outsource inside sales to. Make it clear that integrity is something you value, and you are not okay with them using rude, pushy or threatening behavior to close a deal. Insist that the outsourced professionals do business with the same level of integrity your in-house employees use to maintain customer loyalty and keep your reputation intact.

Measure results periodically.

The point of hiring an outsourced sales team is to boost productivity and improve your sales results. Therefore, the company you work with should always provide you with measurable sales results. While this practice can easily become onerous, it’s a necessary part of keeping profits consistent.

Also, routinely evaluate sales methods to make sure the company is on track to consistently meet sales expectations. If numbers fall short, work with your partners to revamp your strategies to help improve sales.

Better your best.

No matter how well the sales numbers look, there is always room for improvement. Never allow your outsourced team to become complacent with their results. When they exceed their quarterly or annual sales, give them recognition and then challenge them to push harder. Of course, it’s not realistic to think they will hit target numbers every time, but they can certainly give it their best shot. If the team knows you have high expectations, they are less likely to become complacent and slack on their responsibilities.

When you outsource inside sales to a professional team, it offers an effective way to meet or exceed your annual business goals. If you communicate clearly, stay true to your brand, measure results and strive for improvement, you can manage your outsourced relationship and help your enterprise thrive.

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