Where Is Your Sales Process Wasting Resources?

trash_canEvery organization that operates in sales must be diverse in the ways they do business. If you haven’t changed your processes in a while, it’s time to reevaluate and determine where they can be optimized for maximum efficiency and reduction in costs. Consider the last time you examined your sales tools and processes for an in-depth evaluation — maybe it’s time to take a second look. For instance, would it be  more cost effective for you to outsource your outbound calling to increase appointment setting rates so that your in-house reps have more time to close deals? This type of question can be answered with careful evaluation of your sales process.

These four areas have been identified as the core components of process management and make up a large part, if not the entire infrastructure of the sales process of the organization. Here are a few ways to evaluate and optimize them:

1. Processes

Every sales process should be streamlined to make sure you aren’t wearing out your welcome or annoying leads, but are converting as many of them into customers as you can. Every component of your sales process should be clear and work well together to regulate the number of times resps are calling clients, increase the efficiency of appointment setting and closing deals and provide each rep and sales leader with accurate metrics to track progress. In addition, your salespeople should not have to search for contact information or other collateral to do their jobs effectively. Utilizing a comprehensive CRM system that integrates your email, contacts, in-house communication and other components in one place is more efficient and increases productivity.

If your sales team doesn’t have the right tools to conduct efficient outbound calling, you might consider outsourcing a sales team that is purely dedicated to appointment setting and generating the right leads. Then, your in-house reps can do the rest and make the sales. You save money and increase your revenue at the same time.

2. Production

The production of your sales process is one of the most important components of the sales department. Every call placed must be prepped and ready with qualified and verifiable leads. Each salesperson must be prepared with all the sales tools and information they need to make an impact, including having an effective outbound calling script. If you don’t have time to revamp your in-house sales team, consider outsourcing your cold calling responsibilities to ensure your in-house team is provided with hot leads. In the end, you’ll be more efficient and will save valuable dollars.

3. Communication

How are you communicating with your clients? The way you are dispersing information can be a huge time waster. If your systems are not taking advantage of the technological capabilities that are available to you, you are wasting money in a major way. Streamlining your systems to accommodate one-click transactions for review and signatures is key in freeing up time for your sales team to focus on additional tasks that can help make the sale.

4. Workflows

Having defined workflows for each department will save you time and money because each department will have a specific goal that works to close sales and increase revenue. All functions should be targeted toward appropriate departments to make sure work is distributed evenly and your sales team can focus on making sales. For instance, your marketing team should be working to provide quality leads that can be quickly converted. Administrative tasks and paperwork should be done by the administrative department to make sure everything is in one place and all parties are held accountable. Keeping your sales team straddled with handling paperwork would take away from the time they have to nurture leads, which is the core function of their position.

Assess Your Processes and Optimize Them

Doing a thorough assessment of your current processes is not only smart, but it’s also necessary to protect the viability of your organization. Through careful assessment, you will be able to locate those areas that need improvement while implementing new systems and processes that better align with your company’s strategic goals. Changing your systems to assist your team in better prioritizing their tasks can make a dramatic difference in the bottom line.

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