Working with an Outbound Call Center: They Bait, You Reel It In

call-center-fishermanHow is your sales staff performing? The sales process can be extremely time consuming, especially if you only have one inside sales team. Making cold calls, following up with leads, setting appointments and finally closing a sale is a huge responsibility for any sales rep. However, the process can be made much easier — and your staff’s performance can improve — if your sales department partners up with an outbound call center that splits the sales process with your reps. Consider this: wouldn’t your inside sales reps be able to finalize more sales if they were given leads that are past the consideration stage and are ready to set appointments?

If you outsource an outbound call center, then that sales staff takes the cold calling and appointment setting burden away from your in-house reps so they can focus on the heavy hitting — generating revenue by making sales.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it might seem too good to be true. But it’s not. Outsourced, outbound call centers are designed to reach lead generation and appointment setting goals for their clients. Their main objective is to keep you happy by handing over prospects that are ready to become customers. Plus, since that is what their services are designed for, they have the resources — time, technology, experienced staff — to accomplish whatever your company needs from them. It’s a partnership, and as long as you facilitate ease of communication between your company and your outsourced sales staff, the relationship can be a key component to your organization’s success.

Deciding whether or not to hire an outsourced outbound calling sales team is a big business decision. How do you know they can deliver results? How will the team be managed, and what benefits will your company experience from augmenting part of your staff? If questions such as these are keeping you from considering outsourcing as an option, here’s a list of facts and advantages that might be able to convey how it will help you win in the long run.

  • You can utilize your resources more efficiently. If the inside team is known for stellar closing rates, you can let them focus primarily on this role and not have to worry about them performing poorly during the earlier parts of the sales process. This includes prospecting, cold calls, hearing “no” a lot, breaking the ice or other similar networking tasks that outbound call center sales reps are specialized in. Instead, your inside sales team can use their time working on quality leads that are already close to becoming customers. In the end, you’ll generate more sales from having a partnership with an outsourced team.

  • You don’t have to manage the outsourced team. Call centers employ sales managers that train agents to focus on learning all about the client so they can develop an effective, specialized calling script. With this guidance, their staff can can hit the ground running once they are provided with your prospecting network. Larry Myler from Forbes explains that outsourcing a staff to set appointments is effective, as long as you do research and choose a call center that fits with your needs and focuses on training their reps to reach your goals.

  • You can have reps available at different hours. While your in-house sales team may work traditional hours, no one said the outsourced team must follow these rules. This can promote good service — Business News Daily discussed that being available around the clock can appeal to customers who may come from anywhere in the world.

  • The outsourced team houses itself. The augmented sales reps will work from a location in their call center, and you don’t have to invest in any of the resources they need since their company provides them with whatever tools they need. As Vivien Reyes at Callbox notes, your team’s managers can focus on just your team and what revenue is coming in, which can be invested in new people and equipment in-house.

It Could Be a Partnership Worth Investing In

Overall, outsourcing a sales team to conduct your outbound calling and appointment setting can be a positive business move for your company. Trained, experienced sales agents will be the first point of contact with prospects, and your in-house team can focus their efforts on the tasks that make the real money for your organization. And, don’t forget that it’s a partnership — they’re working for you.  

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